Monday, January 27, 2014

Three Simple Ways to Get the Most From Your Employees

Photo Credit: Hire Velocity Blog

Corporations do many things to attract and retain top talent--from offering flexible work schedules to in-office benefits and perks such as beer on tap, catered lunches, and games (pool, anyone?). However, some are acting even more progressive by considering the health and well-being of their employees as a top priority. Many studies have shown that people are far more effective at their jobs when they are healthy, when they successfully manage stress, and when they feel positive and optimistic. 

A few ways these companies are increasing employee productivity by proactively addressing wellness, driving ROI right back to the organizations:
  1. Onsite Health and Fitness- from free cholesterol screenings to onsite gyms, yoga classes, and meditation. Companies that benefit the most are those that encourage and enable employees to engage with these offerings (i.e. health fairs, free group personal training, walking groups during lunch, fitness competitions, etc).  
  2.  Cafeteria Menus- Google is a shining example of a company that promotes health and wellness in its cafe, by placing healthy foods into the direct line of sight and relegating candy and high sugar products to less attractive containers that require more effort to access.
  3. The Human Factor- A little trust goes a long way. Treating employees like adults will result in increased loyalty and superior work product. This entails enforcing the No Asshole Rule and allowing employees the freedom to work wherever and whenever they are most productive (which for many, does not entail confinement to a cubicle or an open office environment from 9-5) and encouraging them to have lives outside of work (some even offer recreation allowances).
The bottom line- Happiness and health are two essential--often forgotten--ingredients to superior work product. 

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