Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's Better in Groups

As children, our academic curricula itself was only part of the learning equation. The part that really prepared us for life was learning how to learn. 

What’s Your Style? 
The same goes for fitness as it does in academia. Many of us (myself included) enjoy the camaraderie and motivation of group exercise. Personal trainers learn to adapt to each client’s individual style, but how is this applied in group fitness or small group personal training situations when there is more than one style at play? 

In reality, while we may favor one style more strongly than the others, we all leverage a number of different techniques when it comes to learning. The three main ones are: 
-visual (seeing)
- auditory (hearing)
-kinesthetic (doing)

Since each group fitness participant favors a different blend of the three learning styles--for example, some need to see and even try an exercise in order to complete it successfully--instructors and trainers use all three to deliver a safe and effective fitness program. This is the reason you’ll see the instructor demonstrate the moves--and most often do them along with you--as well as call them out (cueing or coaching). Sometimes, the instructor pre-demonstrates certain exercises beforehand and gives kinesthetic learners a chance to perform them slowly before the group routine begins. 

To get the best possible group exercise experience, let your instructor know before hand which learning style you adapt most, and party on. 

Photo Credit: Outklassfitness.com