Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Key Takeaways from Inbound Marketing Summit 2009 - Day 1

Today was the first of the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston. Delivered by New Marketing Labs, the two day event focuses mainly on Web 2.0 and social media strategies, tools, and technologies.

I like this event because it is jam-packed with sessions throughout both days, delivered consecutively as the main event, with the expo occurring in the same general area during designated networking time slots during breaks between sessions. Of course, looking down on an empty Gillette Stadium wasn't bad either.

Day 1 brought a number of key takeaways. I’ll share these in summary. To follow the more detailed discussion, enter #IMS09 in the search field on Twitter.

- “Content is king but marketing is queen, and she rules the household.” - Gary Vaynerchuk, "The Wine Guy"

- When embarking upon a social media strategy, consider your customers' goals and objectives, not just those of your own company.

- Social media is not about a set of tools. It is about your objectives for engaging the community. The tools follow these objectives.

- Follow the discussion about your brand, every day.

- Content analysis and web analytics are important, however they are part of your ROI measurement. You also need to involve people who understand your business.

- When measuring ROI of blogs and other social media, consider more than #posts or # mentions alone. Include in your analysis your share of negative and positive comments. - Katie Paine, CEO KDPaine & Partners

- Media relations is a subset of PR 2.0. On the whole, PR 2.0 is about helping companies build and communicate a brand, and engaging that brand with the community it serves

- PR today is about "earning attention, not begging for it." Go where the audience is and bring them value. -David Meerman Scott

- Avoid the temptation to put people into buckets. Go beyond the bucket to see real people and real problems. -CC Chapman

- Twitter is calling for companies to engage in real-time across organizational functions, including R&D. Eastman Kodak has done this successfully, according to its Chief Blogger.

- What is the formula for success in making your video go viral? Tim Street, CEO, APE Digital, Inc. advises that it is Spectacle + Story + Emotion, with a dash of conflict.

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Marci Reynolds said...

Sarah... Thanks for your recap of the IMS Summit day 1. The succinct quotes were helpful and valuable.


Marci Reynolds
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