Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Empower Your Brand with a Microsite

Do you have a product or service offering that requires awareness aside from that of your corporate brand?

Could you easily bring this product or service into the broader context of an interactive, topical conversation with customers and prospects?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, your offering may be a good candidate for a microsite.

Separate from your corporate website, a microsite:

  • Lets you focus a conversation on a specific product, service, promotion, or topic
  • Can strengthen brand awareness and help build brand affinity
  • Costs about the same as setting up a traditional website $2,500-over $50,000*
  • May be used to create brand equity and to foster customer community interaction about a particular area of your business
  • Should not be used solely to increase traffic to your corporate website

Remember that you’ll need to keep content fresh and relevant on the microsite as well as on the main site. Be sure it fits into your marketing, branding, and search engine optimization strategy, and that you clearly identify the intended call-to-action for your audience.

*source: Melissa Campanelli, Entrepreneur Magazine

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