Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Want to Burn More Calories This Summer? Start in the Bedroom

That’s right. You can start your fitness regimen without even leaving your bedroom. 
According to a December 2011 Study by Sarah Jio (NY Times Co), Americans have sex 127 times per year --that’s an average of 2.5 times per week. 
With the continuing trend toward technological automation, leading to more and more ways to be sedentary and American schedules becoming busier and busier, it has grown increasingly difficult to squeeze in a couple hours per day for the gym so many people skip it altogether. This is a shame because many fitness and health professionals have found ways to achieve an efficient workout even despite time constraints. It is possible to achieve a meaningful workout in far less time.
You’ve likely heard many say that 20 minutes of exercise per day is better than none at all, and that you should work it into your daily routine. True story. You can park further away from your office, do butt clenches at your desk, walk during lunch, etc. can work on your cardio and muscle endurance and...umm..stamina...while enjoying a universal pastime in the boudoir. 
A few fun factoids* about calorie burn to help get you motivated:
  • Kissing: 68 kcal/hour
  • Massaging: 80+ kcal per hour
  • Having Sex: 144+ kcal per half hour
  • Making Out: 238+ kcal per half hour
Of course, getting a good workout shouldn’t be the only reason you engage in sexual activity, but it is certainly an added bonus. So if you’re at or below the national average of 2.5 times per week, try bumping up (no pun intended) your amorous activity. 

And then, take your partner by the hand and hit the gym together. 
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